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Mobil: 0765547406

E-post: ana.garcia.diego@lunnevad.se

My name is Ana García Diego and I work as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.

I did my education in Spain (Madrid), the country where I come from. Afterwards, I have combined my work as a freelance dancer/choreographer with teaching. This profession has taken me to many places around the world and it has also led me to meet lot’s of inspiring people on the way, something that I feel very grateful about.

Here at Lunnevad Danslinjen I teach different styles such as contemporary, jazz, commercial street, ballet, improvisation and composition, etc. I love to dance and to teach, and I try to spread that passion in every one of my classes. I really love to work at Lunnevad and share my craft with participants that also are very passionate about this art.


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